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Product: HD submersible motors

Product: HD submersible motors


Panelli submersible motors HEAVY DUTY water filled, rewindable in PE2+PA .
They are of particularly strong construction and able to operate for a long time without any maintenance.
They are suitable for operation with a variable frequency drive (minimum permitted frequency: 30 Hz).


Outer casing in stainless steel - Lower support, upper support, housing and motor base in G25 mechanical cast iron.
Shaft extension and coupling dimensions to NEMA standards - Winding stator in PE2+PA.
- Degree of protection IP68.
Rotor with AISI 420B shaft, guided by graphite anti-wear bush bearings (and/or bronze BSPB15%) and supported by a thrust bearing with
oscillating pads (Mitchell type) sized to withstand the maximum axial thrusts of the pump, with a very high safety value.
Compensation membrane, located in the lower part of the motor, to balance the internal pressure of the motor with the external pressure of the
well and to compensate for the variation in water pressure due to heating during operation.
Mechanical seal (graphite - ceramic) - Temperature sensor PT 100 - Motor power cable length, standard: 3 metres


- Available in two versions 50/60 Hz - Maximum permitted variation on motor nameplate voltage : ± 10%
Maximum number of starts per hour : (6’’: 15) – (8’’: 10)
Maximum water temperature 50°C
Axial thrust 6’’ motor: 16.000 N from 4 to 15 kW - 25.000 N from 18,5 to 37 kW - Axial thrust 8’’ motor: 45.000 N from 30 to 110 kW


- 6’’ motor from 5,5 to 37 kW - 8’’ motor from 30 to 110 kW